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Tester Call

Department: Research & Development
Schedule: Part-time
Location: Worldwide


We are currently searching for a (remote) freelancer who will expand our beta testing capacity and bring a fresh perspective into our process. You will get access to Bastl prototypes in early and advanced stages of development to test and improve with your input. You will be supervised by our Research & Development manager. There is a possibility of advancing to a creative decision making position.

We operate a diverse workplace with people of various national, economical, religious and (sub)cultural backgrounds. We do not believe in sacrificing our team’s wellbeing over the prospects of fast financial gain or infinite growth. There is a certain level of independence in our work routine, with strong emphasis on personal responsibility for proceeding with assigned tasks. Every individual has a voice in improving our core processes.


  • Working closely with the development team
  • Identifying bugs and reporting them in a reproducible manner
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of an instrument and suggesting improvements


  • experience with hardware across all generations of music technology
  • git experience
  • issue tracker experience
  • command line experience
  • basic understanding of software architecture
  • experience with UI design
  • coding experience
  • access to a hardware & software studio with both MIDI and CV environments
  • navigating and understanding hardware ecosystems

If you think you are fit for this position, we have a test for you!

We forced some bugs into the Midilooper firmware version 1.1.

There are 7 implemented bugs spread across the whole functionality and connectivity of the Midilooper.


These are your tasks:

  • find and describe as many bugs as you can
  • suggest ways how to improve user interface behavior (without adding additional interface elements)

Example of a useful bug description:

(this is a real bug we fixed while developing 1.1, so you won't be able to reproduce it)

Changing stretch can cause playback to get unaligned to clock.

How to reproduce:
Create a loop of straight quarter notes and listen to playback together with the metronome. Now increase the stretch and quickly change it back. Eventually, the metronome and the notes will misalign.


Should you see yourself fitting into this picture, please do let our HR department know with your:

  • CV
  • The finished assignment
  • Overview of technical skills with skill level
  • Availability
  • Financial expectations
  • Portfolio
  • Cover letter

Thank you for your time.