Changing Wood for Aluminium

Because there is quite some demand for individual sale of our aluminium panels, we decided to offer a service where we replace the panel in question for you.

Why is it necessary to ship my module back?

There are several reasons:

  • mainly because height of several components was compensated for by milling pockets into the wood. With aluminium panels some of the components have to be adjusted.
  • the module has to be tested afterwards and we would rather take care of that ourselves
  • we want to reuse the wooden panels and knobs for local musicians or possibly for donations to non-profits
  • we do not want the wooden panels and knobs, which took a lot of human effort to make, to be thrown away

How does it work?

  • you buy a product called Emperor’s new clothes at
  • you read thru information for shipping it thru customs
  • you read the Conditions bellow and
  • you properly pack the module
  • you write the ORDER NO. generated when placing order for the product at
  • you write REPAIR on the box – important for not getting stuck at the customs
  • you ship the module to us and send us the tracking number at if provided – also include the order number in the email

Emperor Order no. : 123456
BASTL s.r.o.
Rybarska 13
603 00 Brno
Czech republic, +420 778 733 860

  • we replace the panel, adjust the heights of the components
  • we will test and clean the unit and update firmware if necessary
  • we replace the wooden knobs with the black knobs that go with the aluminium designs (no exceptions!)
  • we ship it back to you (without the wooden panel and the wooden knobs)

Out of EU orders: Customs process

To get your package safely through the customs, we will need you to download and print out this small label that needs to be taped to your package, preferably you should add your original invoice number right below the ‘repair’ text. The alternative is to get this note at your local post office – just ask for a customs declaration sheet, they should have plenty.
This process guarantees your package will get through the customs office safely and without unnecessary delays.

Conditions – Please read

  • since adjusting the height of the components is necessary we will need to use several soldering techniques that might (in the worst case) result in – brown / yellow color of the PCB, re-doing some traces by wires. We will make sure that everything is functional and tested before we ship it back to you
  • DIY modules: units bought as DIY kits can be shipped for this service, however this service doesn’t include the service “COME TO DADDY” i.e. fixing your DIY module if not functional. In case a disfunctional DIY module is received, you will be asked to pay for the COME TO DADDY service extra. Should some crookedly soldered components (mainly pots and jacks) make it imposible to replace the panel, you will be asked to pay for the COME TO DADDY service as well!
  • once we receive the module we will try to do everything possible to ship it back on the nearest date. We promise that we will ship your module back no later than 30 days from the date of delivery, at the very latest
  • you read thoroughly the customs declaration information. If not proceeded correctly you might be asked to pay for the customs fee extra before we ship you the module back