Education has always been crucial for us, and we deeply respect diverse styles of teaching and learning. We try to share what we have learned, both online and offline – we organize private workshops in our offices to teach ourselves first, and we have several outlets where we do the same for the public. We've also run several online courses on analog synthesis, Eurorack modular systems, and DIY music-making, and more of those are coming soon!

Patchení s Nikol (Patching with Nikol)

Our very own video seriessuitable for both the beginners and the advanced users of modular synthesis, Eurorack or otherwise. The show is hosted by Nikol Štrobach.

Pink Noise

Pink Noise is a group for women and non-binary folks started by Nikol Štrobach. The organization promotes diversity and pioneers inclusive learning, focusing on making and performing electronic music.

DIY Workshops

We love to meet new people, discuss ideas, share a bit of our background, build and modify the instruments, and of course, play them. We are open and always happy to run workshops for various groups of students. See the details on the dedicated page.

Vašulka Kitchen Brno

A newly established place for research, artistic experiment, and informal education in the field of new media art. The organization runs events aimed at commemorating and developing the cultural and philosophical legacy of Woody Vasulka and Steina Vašulka, the pioneers of new media art with personal ties to Brno. Learn more at


A physical space in Prague, which serves as an independent platform for education, creative dialog, and the realization of projects in the fields of electronic music and sound art. Zvuk frequently hosts workshops and other events in our collaboration.