Free BITWIG Studio 8-Track with instruments from BASTL

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We did it again

You may well remember the fruits of our previous collab with Bitwig – an awesome sound package for Bitwig Studio by none other than Oliver Torr, using our instruments.

We now offer BITWIG Studio 8-Track for free with some of our instruments so you can try the unigue workflow of the most advanced DAW in the world yourself.

Did you know that MusicRadar actually named BITWIG the Top DAW of 2023?

Get your free Bitwig Studio 8-Track license

Free licence is now available with every order of Bestie, Softpop SP2, MG Monolith, Midilooper, and/or Kastle in our B-SHOP. You'll also get a free 8-Track licence with every order of 1983, Buddy, and Ciao!!