The Bastl app for exploring sonic worlds around you

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Outsidify allows you to manipulate and explore the sounds happening around your smartphone. The microphone and speaker of your phone are hiding exciting potential: create feedback, manipulate resonances, use your mouth as a resonant filter, capture the impulse responses of your coffee cup or the pipe at the construction site you're accidentally passing by. Have fun. Your imagination is the only limit.

Play with the sounds outside your phone

Early electronic music was full of exploration of what you can do with just a microphone and speaker. Now it's your time to explore! Go outside and make sounds outside of your phone. What would you Outsidify?

You can...

  • create feedbacks from your phone´s microphone and speaker
  • play sounds from the speaker and influence them with outside conditions
  • the world is your resonator
  • capture impulse responses of any space you can fit your phone into - anytime!


  • Player
    — for replaying your files
    — loop
    — adjustable start and end points
    — ¼ to 4x speed slider
    — crop/uncrop
  • Recorder
    — for recording and replaying sounds
    — mix crossfader between the microphone and the player
    — save wav files (export to files, airdrop, apps etc.)
    — adjustable start and end points
    — copy the recording buffer directly to player
    — speed-match recording (re-adjusts the recorded speed proportionally to the speed set in the player, preserving the pitch)
  • Feedback pad with amount and tone
  • Delay of the microphone going back to the feedback
  • Timer macros
    — set countdown time
    — record trigger
    — play & record trigger
    — capture impulse response


Technical details

User manual pdf
Available in the App Store
Runs on iOS 15.2 and above and on iPhone 6S and later
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