Pump up your jam, 60 knobs at once


Ready for take-off? The 60Knobs might look like your regular shuttle control panel, but at its core, it’s actually an advanced MIDI-controller explicitly designed for the Sonic Potion’s LXR drum machine.

In addition, it’s capable of controlling any device with MIDI input and external parameter control possibility. It can also handle some trickier and less common control protocols such as NRPN or SysEx.

Designed specifically for the LXR drum machine

The 60Knobs is available only as a DIY kit, so you have to build it yourself using your very own hands and tools. It comes with a pre-flashed microcontroller containing the firmware with a factory preset for the LXR so you can start making dope beats right away.


  • 60 controller pots independently customizable through the editor;
  • MIDI messages supported: CC (Control Change), NRPN (Non-Registered Parameter Number), DX7 (Yamaha sysEx DX7);
  • Button for MIDI DUMP current value of each knob;
  • MIDI IN and OUT DIN connector;
  • 5 user customizable presets;
  • Indication LED shows setting changes
  • FTDI connector for firmware flashing (Arduino based = hacker friendly!)

Technical details

  • power: 9V DC 50 mA center positive
  • dimensions (without enclosure): 264 x 133 x 43 mm
  • user manual pdf
  • 60Knobs FAQ
  • complete assembly instructions pdf
  • new SixtyKnobs editor software gitHub repository (works on Linux, Mac and Windows)
  • old SixtyKnobs editor software zip
  • enclosure vectors for lasercutting pdf (editable)
  • schematics pdf and board pdf top pdf bottom
  • all data and code gitHub repository