We love to do workshops

Initiating social interactions is the greatest motivation for us. We love to meet new people, discuss ideas, share a bit of our background, build and modify the instruments, and of course, play them. We are open and always happy to do workshops.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you feel like getting enough people and organizing one: info[at] Are you also putting together a show with live performances? Don’t forget to mention this. We love to play synths too!

Contents of the workshops

The contents and length of our workshops should always be a subject of discussion. We usually do soldering workshops for our DIY projects, which could take from 4 to 6 hours depending on the skills and number of participants (up to 20 people).

We teach the participants the basics of soldering and electronics, including a more in-depth explanation of how our instruments work. When we do a workshop, we are usually able to offer discounts to the original price of the kit, but everything depends on specific organizational conditions.

Technical requirements

Big workshop table – the best is the long one with seats for all participants (10-20).
Smaller table for technical background with 2 chairs.
Electricity extension cables with at least 15 sockets.
Well lit and ventilated room.

We are experienced

At the absolute beginning, we gained a lot of experience by organizing workshops on building and modifying Standuino instruments. Later we started doing workshops on the Bastl Instruments kits. Until now, we made more than 50 workshops in 10 countries across Europe, and with every single participant of 500+ people, we managed to make everything work, and most of the time, we played a concert afterward.

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