I am an absolute beginner as regards soldering. Will I be able to build the kit successfully?

Some kits are welcomed for beginners, especially the smaller ones. Others require more skills in terms of soldering and recognizing electronic components. You can learn a lot by reading guides, for example here or checking some tutorial videos like here. However the best way to develop your skills is just by doing it. You can try to catch us at one of our workshops where we provide all the know-how too. We also try to provide you in-depth assembly guides so you don’t have to be afraid that you will stuck.

I think my Built kin does’t work.

Ok, here is a list of common problems. Let’s check some things again:

  • Check all soldered joints and look for bad ones. Re-heat and complete them.
  • Be sure that the ICs and sockets are not placed in the wrong direction.
  • Be sure to push down the ICs into their sockets properly.
  • Be sure that the LEDs, electrolytic capacitors, diodes or other polarized components are properly oriented.
  • If there are some jumpers, verify installing them in the right place.
  • There are board schematics on our website. Try to solve the problem(s) using them.

I am totally stuck. Can You repair the kit?

Yes, we provide a repair service for built and not working kits here. For DIY issues, you can also reach us at diy[at]bastl-instruments.com. You have to send us detailed description of the problem along with high-res photos of PCB(s) from all views: top, bottom, front, back and both sides. Sending a video could be very useful, too.

Don’t give up!