We run various types of events: workshops, courses, concerts, and parties. It might be harder these days, however, meeting in the physical world or at least saying hi to our community on a live stream is necessary for staying in touch and staying human.

Sometimes we just barbecue with friends in our garden, and sometimes we rent a church and invite a bigger audience. Sometimes we find a dark corner and dance hard throughout the whole night.

For more information about DIY Workshops visit the dedicated page

Event series

Every spring since 2014, we have put together a Noise.Kitchen Synth Fest where we invited guests from around the world to join us for a party in Brno. These were our biggest and most ambitious events with guests such as Hainbach, Plastiq Phantom, Rob Aiki Aburey Lowe, Micromelancolié, Ondrej Zajac, Ströme, Myako, Mental Overdrive & Kolbjørn Lyslo, Kodek, and others.

Since 2014, we've been organizing a monthly series of events where locals and friends perform their music live. It's an incubator for trying new concepts and live shows. Several Bastl Jams have been streamed live on our YouTube channel.

A series of club nights in unique venues (2016-2017) that laid the groundwork for opening our club Herna in 2017. We hosted acts like Phase Fatale, Nick Klein, Christoph De Babalon, Russell Butler, or Innsyter.

Originally serving as a regular club (November 2017 - May 2018), nowadays Herna is more of a collective of techno DJs and producers that organize events in the following spirit. We hosted concerts by names like Ansome, Silent Servant, Blazej Malinowski, Kareem, or Reka.

Spaces we regularly collaborate with:

Vašulka Kitchen