Guitar/Instrument Amplifier with CV Crossfader


Hendrikson is a guitar/instrument amplifier and an interface for external effects processors like stompboxes. The most unique feature is the mix output which is CV controllable crossfader between the signal that goes to the Output and signal that comes to the Input. This means that when used with external effects processor this gives CV control of one of the most important parameters – the Dry / Wet Mix. This is especially interesting when using with fuzz or distortion effects for waveshaping basic waveforms.

CV control of the Dry/Wet Mix when used with external effects processors

When Hendrikson is used just as guitar/instrument amplifier the mix out is in fact a VCA after the gain stage, so you can instantly create tremolo effects by plugging the CV into the MIX CV input.

Another great application of Hendrikson is the CV controllable feedback loop of the external effects chain. Simply route the signal from Mix Output back to the Output and listen to what happens when the signal comes back thru the Input.


  • Output Level knob sets the buffered attenuation of the output
  • Adjust the output signal to guitar or line level with help of Clipping LEDs
  • Input Gain knob on the input with a modular level indication (5V peak to peak)
  • Voltage controlled crossfader between the output and input signal
  • MIX knob sets the offset and MIX CV adds to set the crossfade at the MIX OUT
  • 6.3 mm (¼ inch) Neutrik connectors for Output and Input
  • handmade locally by Bastl Instruments in Brno, Czech Republic

Technical details

  • 5HP width
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 10pin power connector
  • 45mm deep
  • current consumption: +12V: <40mA, -12V: <35 mA
  • pdf user manual download