Probability trigger generator

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Kompas is a three-coordinate probabilistic pattern navigator. Each coordinate has a unique traveling pace and a dedicated trigger output. The amount of probability can be adjusted manually or by external voltages. Once a coordinate has been adjusted, a new pattern is generated and looped until the next change of direction.

This tool is the outcome of the environment we are in

And is inspired by the non-linear approach to music and life – don't build any expectations, choose your direction, and discover new paths

Unlike common probability operation, instead of filtering a pre-determined sequence, Kompas uses probability to generate new looping patterns based on the direction you choose.


  • global clock and reset input
  • 3 x 32 step pattern generators with traveling algorithms
  • 3 CV inputs for coordinate modulation
  • 3 trigger outputs
  • 2/5/10ms selectable trigger length (via boot settings)
  • DIY and hacker-friendly Arduino programmable hardware
  • open-source schematics and code
  • includes a printed fanzine with navigation topics
  • available also as a DIY soldering and coding workshop

Technical details

  • 5 HP
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 10-pin power connector
  • 35mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • 5ms default trigger length
  • 5V trigger outputs
  • 0-5V protected CV inputs
  • 60Hz maximum clock rate (3600 BPM :O)
  • 6-pin FTDi connector;
  • power consumption +12V: < 30mA


  • pdf user manual download
  • 日本 (nihon) manual pdf  – translated by our friends at Umbrella


Behind Kompas there is Arduino-compatible hardware (ATMEGA328P chip) which can be re-programmed and hacked for different Eurorack applications.


  • 3 linear pots (B100k)
  • 3 CV inputs (0-5V protected circuit)
  • 3 trigger/gate outputs
  • 2 trigger/gate inputs


  • 2 LEDs hardwired to trigger/gate inputs
  • 3 LEDs hardwired to trigger/gate outputs
  • 3 LEDs accessible via backside header


  • 5 I/O digital pins (3 of them are connected to LEDs via jumper by default)
  • +5V and GND
  • RX connection pad (suitable for MIDI hack)
  • 6-pin FTDi connector


Kompas is available as a DIY kit which can be purchased from our B SHOP or from some of our resellers. It can also be built upon request during our DIY soldering workshops.

Complete assembly guide pdf v1.2

The Kompas DIY kit is accompanied by a printed version of the Kompas Bastl zine


If you are an organization, an institute, or a shop, Kompas is available as a part of our regular DIY soldering workshop or as a dedicated Arduino coding workshop upon request.

During the soldering workshop, we assist participants in the soldering and assembling process of the module, the coding workshop shows how to read the code and how to hack it for different Eurorack applications.

For workshop info and booking don't hesitate to get in touch with us (info[at]bastl-instruments.com)