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Crust Drum

Crust is showing a LED animation at startup. What to do?

The module most probably asks you to automatically re-calibrate the V/OCT input. The animation points to PITCH V/OCT input and blinks twice near the NOISE button.

  • Plug a patch cable from DRUM to PITCH V/OCT input.
  • Wait until it settles, and then unplug the cable to boot to normal operation.
Crust is not showing up as an external drive on my computer. What should I do?

Make sure to use a micro-USB cable capable of sending data: USB cables provided with a mobile phone will most likely work (you can test if your phone connects to the computer). On the other hand, USB cables supplied with power banks often provide only a power connection and won't work for data transfers.

How can I go back to factory settings?

Hold SPACE at power up to reset user settings (FINE delay settings, CTRL destinations).
Hold SPACE and FREEZE at power up to do a factory reset: resets user settings and calibration.


  • user manual pdf
  • latest firmware v1.0 zip
  • release notes & how to update pdf

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