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My DUDE does not pass any audio through.

First check all the cables and that all your devices are producing a sound. Then try to replace batteries and use headphones. If you are clueless, please get in touch with us.

Can DUDE work with stereo signals?

Dude is fully MONO. When you plug in a stereo signal, it uses only the left channel.

Can I plug my guitar directly into DUDE?

Yes, you can, but for better audio quality we recommend using some kind of guitar amplifier prior to plugging it into the DUDE.

Can I use microphones directly with DUDE?

It depends on the type of a microphone you're gonna use. DUDE can amplify only dynamic microphones as all other types will need special treatment. We recommend using some kind of a mic preamp.

My DUDE does not work with batteries.

Try new batteries and make sure they are inserted correctly and with correct polarity. If you are a 100 % sure about the polarity and you are sure the batteries are full, you should contact us for investigation.

Can I use headphones with DUDE?

Sure you can but beware! There is no master level control so make sure you don't blast your ears off.

I saw the DUDE extensions in your videos, are they available?

They are not currently available for sale. If there is enough interest and enough time, we might bring them into production sometime in the future.

My DUDE is not working with my 9V adaptor.

It is crucial that you pay attention to the polarity of your adaptor. Make sure you are using 9VDC center–positive polarity adaptor. Most guitar pedals require 9VDC as well, but those have opposite polarity so take extra care.


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