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Why is my MG glitching, flashing or doesn't respond at all?

This is how your Microgranny shows it's hungry. It doesn't have enough juice and needs to be fed. Gently replace the battery for a fresh & new piece or use center-positive 9V DC adaptor.

My MG seems dead and the screen says „CARD“. What can I do?

Most probably, the battery is weak, replace it. If that doesn't help, then there must be something wrong with the SD card. Format it to FAT32 and copy the original sample bank to the root directory to see if it helps. Or replace the microSD card with a different one. If none of this helps, there's a chance the SD card slot is damaged and you should get in touch with us.

I can hear this background digital hum, is that normal?

Yes. The digital noise is always present for extra grit and is the result of the technology used in MG.

Can MG play multiple sounds at once?

MG is a monophonic sampler, so it will always play one sound at a time.

Can I use MG for processing other instruments?

MG is a sampler that lets you record your instrument and then play it back in various ways. It is not an effect and cannot process any sounds as an effect in realtime.

Can I use MG as a pocket audio recorder?

You can, as long as you're fine with the results being somewhat lo–fi. You might prefer a device that is designed to be a recorder and can do stereo recording in high quality. Then you can load these sounds into your MG and have fun!

My MG is not working with my 9V adaptor.

It is crucial that you pay attention to the polarity of your adaptor. Make sure you are using 9V DC center-positive polarity adaptor. Most guitar pedals want 9V DC too, but these have the exact opposite polarity which could be even harmful for your MG, so take extra care.

What is the maximum length of a sample?

If the sample is loaded on the SD card via a computer, the maximum sample length is around 4 minutes.
When recording via the INPUT line or mic, you can try and record even longer samples. Since there is no RAM as MG reads directly from the card, the only limit is the capacity of the card... The MG can handle 4GB cards and one 4GB mono 8bit 22100Hz wav file can be whopping 50 hours 23 minutes 25 seconds long. But be aware, with long samples, there may be glitching or some unwanted behavior.

How many samples can I put on the card?

The total number of 36 symbols in combination with same 36 symbols is solid 1296 combinations.
The sound quality of onboard sampling is quite shady. The onboard sampling is encoded using a PWM so that affects the quality dramatically and is very lo–fi by nature. If you want to get as HIFI as MG can get, we recommend sampling into an external, high quality device and then downgrade the signal for playback in MG.

What is the maximum capacity for the MicroSD card?

MG can work with any FAT32 formatted cards up to 4GB or less.

My uploaded samples are not playing back. What can i do?

Make sure the samples are correctly named (refer to manual) and formatted. The easiest solution is to convert your files using a third party wav converter. You can find these online or for free download (i. e. Audacity).

Why are my custom samples playing at the wrong pitch?

They probably have don't have the correct sample rate. Try exporting again with the correct setting or using alternative software for the export.

I can sometimes hear clicky sounds, why?

There is no interpolation between the end and the start of a grain, this can create an audible pulse. The more dynamics in the sample, the more audible the pulse gets. A workaround this is to create louder or heavily compressed samples for your Microgranny.

Can I edit presets in my computer?

The presets are in .TXT format but you cannot edit them in your computer. They are only to be managed by Microgranny. You can back them up in your computer but do not edit any values.

Can the MG be used as a MIDI-INPUT in a Bastl Trinity chain?

Yes! Just make sure it is located on the leftmost connection.

I lost my side pin connectors, can you sell me some ?

It is much easier to get them locally, because the pins are very common, easy to get and cost just a few cents. Here is a Mouser item that will do just fine: https://tinyurl.com/y366gfte

When I touch input gain knob when monitoring in record mode the sound stops, why?

You just changed a parameter in the buffer and it needs to recalculate. But don't worry, it will come back in a moment.


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