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My Thyme stopped working!

Try to restart the device and perform all the hardware tests described in the manual. If it passes all the tests and still doesn't work, you should try to flash firmware using good quality midi-interface and our SysEx app. If none of this helps, please contact us.

Can I use Thyme as a looper?

It is not designed to be a looper in the traditional sense but as it has a FREEZE function which is plenty of fun to experiment with.

Can I plug my guitar or microphone directly into the Thyme?

Yes you can and it might work but we recommend using some kind of preamp for better quality.

Do you ship Thyme with any other adaptors than EU type?

If you buy directly from our own Noise.Kitchen store, we insert the adaptor depending on your location. We have four different type for US, EU, UK and Australia

Can I use mono signals with Thyme?

Yes you can! You can switch between mono/stereo input by holding FN and tapping BYPASS.


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