Juice Bus



Juice Bus is the next step for power-distribution in eurorack systems. Its ultra-narrow and adjustable design makes it great for both small and big systems. It lets you connect up to 20 modules with dedicated pin connectors. Optionally it can convert your standard +/-12V to +5V and therefore feed your digital modules with power. This feature can be easily bypassed with a dedicated jumper in case your powersupply provides +5V already.

Re-sizable power distribution board

You can use it either as a long busboard with 20 connectors, or you can simply split it at its breakpoints and have one main powered busboard of 11 connectors and secondary busboard of 9 connectors for smaller eurorack cases. In this scenario you just connect the two pieces with faston connectors or simply use one ribbon powercable to connect the powerpins.

It is hand-manufactured with love in Brno/Czech Republic.

Technical details

  • dimensions: 410 x 30 x 18 mm
  • pdf user manual download

DIY kit

You can build your own Juice Bus and let the modules to be powered up in your rack. Go through the complete assembly guide below and make sure that you understand all the steps.