Dual Waveform Lumberjack

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Timber is a very flexible wave shaping module that can produce rich timbres by adding harmonics to simple waveforms (triangles and sinewaves) or any other signal. It has 2 different unique wave shaping circuits, the WAVE DRIVER (I) and the WAVE FOLDER (II), and a voltage-controlled crossfader to fade between the specific circuits or between one of them and the clean input signal.

Novel take on the Serge style wave folding circuit & more...

Both circuits share the same control voltages: the SHAPE, which sets the input amplification before the wave shaping circuit, and the SYMMETRY control, which adds voltage offset to the input signal to provide various asymmetric overdrives or wave folding sounds. There is also voltage FBK CV jack, which, when provided with positive voltages, feeds a respective portion of the output signal back to the input, which results in chaotic and aggressive behaviors. It is calibrated to work well with 5V gate voltages.

The WAVE DRIVER (I) is an overdrive circuit with one folding stage, and it has 2 configuration 3-way switches (9 different configurations). The drive switch can set the overdrive character to SOFT or HARD or something in between. The FOLD switch can set the folding threshold to HI or LO, or it can turn the folding stage off in the NO position.

The WAVE FOLDER (II) is a novel take on the serge style wave folding circuit, which has specific behavior to abuse the high gain of the input amplification stage to provide rich high-frequency timbres with higher settings of the SHAPE parameter. It has a configuration switch that can either activate a clean 4 stage wave folding in the OK position or a highly asymmetric folding stage in the KO position that provides a strange metallic character. The NO position provides only the very last overdrive-folding stage.


  • the WAVE DRIVER (I) is an overdrive circuit with one folding stage
  • 3-way DRIVE SWITCH to set the character of overdrive (SOFT-MID-HARD)
  • 3-way FOLD SWITCH to configure the folding threshold level (LO-NO-HI)
  • independent output I. OUT

  • the WAVE FOLDER (II) is a 4 stage wave folding circuit
  • 3-way FOLD SWITCH to set the character of folding stages (OK-NO-KO)
  • independent output II. OUTcommon INPUT for both circuits

  • SHAPE sets input amplification before the signal enters waveshaping stages
  • SYMMETRY adds voltage offset to the input signal
  • SYMMETRY becomes bipolar attenuator when the jack is connected
  • X-FADE voltage controlled crossfader with bipolar attenuator
  • switch to select between INPUT and I. WAVE DRIVER for the left side of the X-FADE
  • X-FADE IN jack breaks normalization of II. WAVE FOLDER on the right side of X-FADE
  • positive voltage at FBK CV jack sends the signal from the output or II. back to the INPUT
  • aluminium front panel
  • handmade locally by Bastl Instruments in Brno, Czech Republic




Technical details

  • 7 HP
  • PTC fuse and diode protected 10-pin power connector
  • 24 mm deep
  • power consumption +12V: < 50 mA, -12V: <50 mA


  • user manual pdf
  • 日本 (nihon) manual pdf  – translated by our friends at Umbrella


DIY kit

You can build your own THT version of Timber with our TIMBER PCB. You will need, however, to source the components. Go through the complete assembly guide below and make sure that you understand all the steps. The assembly guide includes a BOM.

Please be aware that the THT DIY version of Timber has a slightly different sound color than the assembled version. It is caused by the nature of THT parts. The function remains identical.