Breadboard Add-on Module for the BitRanger



The BitBoard is a breadboard add-on module that allows users to build custom circuits and user interfaces for the BitRanger. It is solidly attached to the bitRanger and provides performance-friendly stability. It either comes just on its own, or with with 2 pots, 2 buttons and 4 switches which can help you to start designing your own bitRanger interface.


The bitBoard is closely linked to a project called OMSYNTH which is a breadboard based open modular synthesizer by Casper electronics. Several tutorials on how to make circuits are available on the OMSYNTH webpage.

What's in the Box

  • the bitBoard
  • 50cm solidcore wire
  • 10 short + 10 long jumper wires
  • hex key

Installing the bitBoard :

  • Remove the screws from the bottom of the bitRanger and then remove the bottom plate.
  • Remove the small section of plastic from the front edge of the face plate and place it somewhere safe. In newer models there is a slot in the middle of the bottom opening where the mini plate can be stored.
  • Screw the bottom plate back onto the BitRanger.
  • Slide the bitBoard into the opening in the front.
  • Place screws through the holes in the front of the bottom plate to secure the bitBoard in place.

Thats it!