Pushbutton Add-on Module for the BitRanger



The synapsis is a 4×4 pushbutton matrix that offers performative control of the Bit Ranger.

There are 8 patch points connected to 4 rows (ABCD) and 4 columns (1234) of buttons. Pressing button A1 connects point A to point 1. A2 connects A to 2. B2 connects B to 2 and so on.

Using the Synapsis:

It is best used by dedicating rows to outputs (like divider or mix bits) and columns to inputs (like the byte section or inhibit points). In this configuration every possible combination of buttons will connect outputs to inputs and cause a change in the behaviour of the BitRanger. As always it is best to experiment and try new things.

What's in the Box

  • The Synapsis
  • 10 short + 10 long jumper wires
  • hex key

Installing the Synapsis:

  • Remove the screws from the bottom of the bit ranger and then remove the bottom plate.
  • Remove the small section of plastic from the front edge of the face plate and place it somewhere safe. In newer models there is a slot in the middle of the bottom opening where the mini plate can be placed for storage.
  • Screw the bottom plate back onto the BitRanger.
  • Slide the Synapsis into the opening in the front.
  • Place screws through the holes in the front of the bottom plate to secure the Synapsis in place.

Thats it!