Rumburack 2.0

Powerful Analog/Digital Modular System


Rumburack 2.0 is compact yet powerful modular system with analog punch and digital charm. Its advanced sequencing capabilities make it self contained performance instrument that is ready to go on tour with you! All the things that are great about analog are simply analog (VCF, VCA, VCO, mixer, kick) and all the things that are awesome in digital are digital (sequencing, complex modulation, sampling).

The best of both analog & digital world

The system is able to create several voices including drums and than create complex melodic and rhytmical motives. The system is so complex that you never run out of new stuff to explore in its sonic territories!


  • 1x Tea Kick – analog drum & more
  • 1x Noise Square – multi signal generator
  • 2x Skis – dual decay envelope with VCA
  • 2x Cinnamon – multi flavoured state variable filter
  • 1x grandPa – granular sampler voice
  • 1x Knit Rider + Exp – 6 channel trigger / gate sequencer
  • 1x Popcorn – CV / Gate sequencer with quantizer
  • 1x Tromsø – analog downsampler & more
  • 1x Quattro Figaro – Quad VCA mixer
  • 1x ABC – 6 channel mixer
  • 1x Ciao! – 4 line outputs & headphone amp
  • 100 % eurorack compatible
  • portable case with carry strap
  • closing lid which works as positioning system
  • built in high quality Meanwell powersupply
  • power connector 120 / 240 AC
  • designed and hand built by passionate musicians in Brno, Czech Republic