Analog Processing Modular System


Bob and Bobek are analog processing modular systems designed with live performance in mind. Instrument amplifier input and line / guitar level output make it so universal that it can work in any setup with almost any instrument. Both modular cases have bottom insert for standard microphone stand which makes them look great on the stage! All modules and wooden enclosures are locally sourced and hand crafted in Brno, Czech Republic.

With Bob and Bobek you can achieve many classical effects with fully analog processing at ultimate sound quality. Because it is modular you can always try new combinations of these effects and explore new territories in between and beyond them. It is even capable of creating many different synth voices on its own.

Bob is a more expandable system with an addition of foot control and many complex modulation sources.


  • 1x Quattro Figaro – quad VCA
  • 1x Cinnamon – multi flavoured filter
  • 1x Tromsø – downsampler & more
  • 1x Dynamo – dynamics analyser and fake thru-zero modulator
  • 1x Hendrikson – instrument / stomp box interface
  • 10 HP of blank space for future expansion
  • 100 % eurorack compatible
  • microphone stand insert
  • built in high quality Meanwell powersupply
  • power connector 120 / 240 AC

Achievable effects (a selection):

  • envelope / LFO filter
  • compressor
  • side chain compressor
  • noise gate
  • downsampler
  • ring modulator
  • thru-zero modulator
  • vc overdrive
  • overdrive
  • octaver
  • fuzz
  • decimator
  • tremolo
  • random filter
  • band compressor
  • auto wah
  • formant filter

& much more